Infrastructure, Building and Workshop

The infrastructure, amenities and training facilities at the institute is world class with well planned and spacious laboratories , classrooms equipped with modern teaching aids, state of the art computing facility and biometric attendance systems. Institute is having a green building campus which is awarded by Energy and Environment Foundation in Platinum category and achieved Gold Certificate from US Green Building Council.

  • A green building is one which uses less water, optimizes energy efficiency, consumes natural resources, generates less west & provides healthier spaces for occupiers as compared to normal building. Low operation cost, enhanced efficiency; consider energy saving of investment, water saving by 30 to 35% and energy saving by 25-30% are the main benefits of green building. The execution team involved in the project had advance planned for soil erosion and sedation control, fixing of water efficient plumbing fixtures, use of non CFC refrigerant, proper storage and collection of recyclable material and its reuse, sun light and fresh air utilization etc. The construction has done accordingly.
    1. The building has provision of 20 KL capacity Bio-digester to treat the waste water and reused the same for gardening and flushing purpose. Heat island effect for roof and nor roof area are taken care and used white colour heat reflective tiles on the terrace. Parking area has shaded by structural shed and tree canopy.
    2. The exterior wall has constructed in two wall concept having intermediates air gap to reduce heat effect. Window are planned with cement jali and glasses, so sufficient natural light obtained in day hours and fresh air can be utilized.
  • The Building is constructed in two floors having 71450 Square feet plinth area & having more than 35% of green area.
  • Such kind of campus & building for an ITI is first in the country
  • Entire campus is Wifi enabled and covered under CCTV vigilance.
  • All workshops are equipped with latest equipments, training materials and gadgets.
  • Classrooms are equipped with audio visual facilities.

S.No. Ownership Document / Lease Agreement for Rented Building In Square Meters Link to Scanned Document / Image
1. Total Area 13986 Click Here
2. Covered Area 6414 Click Here
3. Total Class Rooms Area 400 Click Here
4. Total Workshops Area 1280 Click Here
5. Drawing Hall 107 Click Here
6. Audio Visual Hall 138 Click Here
7. Computer Lab 63 Click Here
8. Play Area 1,800.00 Click Here
9. Library 68 Click Here
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